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The Center for Family Resource Development

What is the Role of the Center?


The problems facing youth and families have never been greater than they are today. The incidence of adolescent drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, juvenile delinquency and school dropouts has increased steadily, and youth are more likely to be at-risk for these problems when there is family conflict, divorce, or economic hardship. In addition to being extensive, these problems are interrelated (i.e., dropping out of school is related to teen pregnancy, poverty, etc.). Traditional programs that have dealt with these problems have had limited success because they have been too narrow in focus and have failed to build on community and family resources. Furthermore, in the past out community has lacked a study on critical issues affecting the contemporary family. The urban mission of the University of Louisville reflects a dedication to the scholarly study of those issues that most affect the community and nation. The University is committed to furthering our collective understanding of the social forces that shape urban life, and are shaped by urban life. The Center for Family Resource Development is one vehicle intended to help carry out this mission.

What are the Purposes and Goals of the Center? 


  • To assess the impact of existing programs on youth and families
  • To convene public and private institutions to increase their investment in youth and family programs
  • To promote community-based programs that are family-centered
  • To assess education and training needs in the area of family-centered service
  • To promote the development of comprehensive, coordinated service programs for families in targeted communities
  • To assist school and community service practitioners in implementing family resource models
  • To emphasize mutual collaboration between family, school and community agencies
  • To empower families and communities to resolve their own problems
  • To share education and training through combined program resources

 Current Activities

The Families in Transition Program

The Families in Transition Program is Sponsored by Jefferson County Family Court and the University of Louisville Family Therapy Program. It is designed to help parents and children (between the ages of 5-16) cope more effectively with problems that result from divorce.

Community Partnership Development:

This project seeks to integrate Community Child Protection into the Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children's service array. The project is designed to provide the leadership to successfully implement the Cabinet's intiiative on Community Child Protection.

Children with Sexual Behavior Problems:

The Center has assisted Kentucky state government in establishing a joint training program for staff who work with kids who exhibit or who are at risk to exhibit sexual behavior problems. Due to the identified need for advanced training specifically in counseling sexually reactive children, state protection agencies have worked closely with the University to develop training that addresses the needs of younger children who have become sexually reactive or sexually aggressive.

Juvenile Sexual Offending Counselor Certification Program (JSOCCP):

JSOCCP: This program represents a unique and innovative collaboration between the Center for Family Resource Development and Kentucky's Juvenile Justice Department to offer rigorous graduate level training to all staff who work with juvenile sexual offenders. This is the only university based training certification program in the country and is now open to national participants.

Community Partnership for High Risk Children:

In partnership with Jefferson County Neighborhood Place agencies and the Community Partnership for Protecting Children the Center for Family Resource Development provides overall assistance in service planning for high risk families identified by child protection workers and community partners.

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